To help teachers and students alike, e-learning platforms like EduBrisk have stepped up to the cause. Edubrisk, a brain-friendly learning platform has been one of the first in the country to train teachers in India and in Indian schools abroad, free of cost, and provide the above-mentioned content and features in the platform.

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Ariv Akhoshamakan EduBrisk.. Article published on vishu supplement, 2018, Kaineetam

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As fragmented as the world may be, social inclusiveness is the only way forward, it is the future.

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On Wednesday, the Union Cabinet cleared a new National Education Policy (NEP) proposing sweeping changes in school and higher education. The National Education Policy is an ambitious and complex document laying down a road map for the next two decades.

A business that makes learning joyful. New age methods and ideas to embrace success! Catch the feature in Dhanam business magazine to know more from our CEO and Founder, Saiju Aravind.

While students have access to platforms like Byju’s & Vedantu what about the schools & the teachers?

Brilliance can be mimicked! And EduBrisk can tell you how! Catch the feature in The Hindu Metro Plus  to know more from our

CEO and Founder, Saiju Aravind. Link:

How your Physiology influences your Learning. on

 Entrepreneur India
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​Saiju Aravind quoted on Entreprenuer India

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Edtech platforms like Edubrisk are also rising up to the occasion to help solve the educational crisis in the country.

​​DECCAN HERALD  Article by Saiju Aravind- Study techniques that actually work. As the new academic year begins, here a few ways that can enable students to study effectively. Here is the link to the article:

E-learning is revolutionising our education system as it remains the only option during the ongoing crisis. Internet of Things (IoT) is playing a bigger role in schools every day and holds tremendous potential in terms of creating smarter and more connected schools. Much has been written about digital classrooms and how schools are transforming from chalk-and-talk to click-and-learn.

Saiju Aravind writes on the latest trends in higher education and offers some insights that could guide aspirants to choose study programs best suited for them.  Here is the link to the article on Deccan Herald:

Exam fever is in the air! And everybody is busy telling the students what to do before the exams. What they never told you is what not to do to ensure all the efforts you put in your preparation will fetch great results too! Saiju Aravind, CEO, EduBrisk shares some common mistakes that affect the performance of students everywhere. Go on, make sure you avoid these pitfalls, fight the fever and face your exams without any fear! 

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Saiju Aravind, former Assistant Director of Naval Designs in the Indian Navy and Head of Wind Tunnel Facility at Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), started his entrepreneurial journey in 2014. However, Saiju calls himself an ‘accidental entrepreneur.’ Saiju’s son Krishnadas was not performing up to the mark in school, and was neither prepared nor willing to appear for his Class 12 board examinations.

Saiju Aravind, founder of EduBrisk tells you with certainty that physical classrooms are not going to disappear as they offer something beyond knowledge and rote learning.

Millions of learners across the world are turning to edtech platforms as schools and colleges shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In India and the Middle East, edtech companies, both homegrown and global players, have been offering their services free of charge and their numbers of users are soaring.

EduBrisk, an educational solutions platform, is helping schools and freelance teachers go live in 24 hours.

Nurturing the cause of inclusive education and integrated learning: Remapping the educational landscape, one child at a time! A thought-provoking article on Edubrisk Founder and CEO, Saiju Aravind's vision for Brain-Friendly Learning for all, in The Hindu, Metro Plus today.

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Elevating the art of learning:

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Central Digital Learning partnership

The Central Books, an online bookstore and complete education portal announced their strategic partnership with EduBrisk, the industry-leading Edtech Digital Platform for K-12 Segment.

Edtech platforms like Edubrisk are also rising up to the occasion to help solve the educational crisis in the country. They are running free learning sessions for teachers/institutions so that they can take online classes for their students.

​​​Good intentions alone are not good enough: one needs to prepare children for life...
Kids, Go Fish: Wealth Vs Knowledge Inheritance: Article by Saiju Aravind in Entrepreneur India 
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What can quality social gatherings do for Entrepreneurs - Saiju Aravind shares insights based on his experience, in the article in Entrepreneur India.  

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EduBrisk On The Hindu: Business line On Campus
Recently Saiju Aravind, in a chat with Akshita Anil Kumar from Hindu Business Line on Campus, dwelt on the challenges facing the education system in India and how EduBrisk seeks to address some of the issues.

While most colleges have their own facilities to encourage online studies, some are taking help from independent educators such as EduBrisk Knowledge Solutions.

Is there a Business Opportunity in Happiness?

- Saiju Aravind shares insights, in the article in

Entrepreneur India.  

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Industry experts can assist schools to scale new heights. Read how, in the latest article by Saiju Aravind published in Entrepreneur India, the prestigious online journal. Link to article:

The new coronavirus is spewing its venom relentlessly across the globe. While more than 200 countries have already fallen prey, for others it seems to be a waiting game.

Cover Story on  Cochin Herald Magazine

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Hernia, Baader-Meinhof and Emotional Connect to Learning!

An article on Linkedin

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Clairvoyant CEO Chandra Ambadipudi Joins EduBrisk Board of Directors


How technology is reshaping the teaching-learning process in unprecedented ways Saiju shares some of the tips with Education World

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EduBrisk on Cochin Herald

Codes of E-learning: An Edupreneur's vision

EduBrisk are also rising up to the occasion to help solve the educational crisis in the country. They are running free learning sessions for teachers or institutions so that they can take online classes for their students.