“EduBrisk is a scientific methodology and platform based on neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and pedagogy. It empowers teachers to maximize their resourcefulness to help children bridge their cognitive gaps. Learning becomes effortless through the natural process of learning, understanding, and concept attainment at their own pace, while taking care of the individual differences among learners. EduBrisk acts as a transformational tool in the school education scenario.”

                                                                                                        Dr. Subhash Nair
                                                                                                        Shantiniketan Indian School, Qatar

Here’s how the EduBrisk methodology has won the trust and appreciation of Principals, Teachers, Parents, and Students everywhere..

Here's why School Principals, Teachers, and Parents recommend the PALM Workshop...

Parents As Life Mentors is one of our most sought-after programs.  The workshop offers a scientifically structured, insightful experience and expertise into one of the most challenging tasks of raising happy, self-realized children: effective and compassionate parenting.